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New Mesesso Newsletter

Please read our first newsletter



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Our First Scholarship Student Graduates from Nursing School in Ethiopia

If  you have read the story of Honey on our website you will remember that as we sponsored Honey for private school we discovered that her Aunt Aster had been taking Nursing classes.  Aster had saved money for school by cutting hair for a number of years but had recently run out of funds to complete her Nursing degree.  Mesesso provided her with a scholarship so she could complete her education and I am proud to announce she has graduated with a degree in Nursing in Ethiopia.  Aster has worked hard to complete her three year degree and will work in a critical field in her country to improve the health care of Ethiopia.


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Malaria Nets for the Girls Next to the Lake

As we interviewed the children that live next to the lake we discovered a number had malaria in the past.  As a result we purchased malaria nets for each child to cover their beds at night when the mosquitos are at their worst.

Malaria Nets for Our Girls

Malaria Nets for Our Girls

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Medicine and Nutrition

One of the major challenges for our students is trying to eat three times per day.  Given their economic circumstances this is  not always possible.  Further compounding the malnutrition issue is that certain types of parasites will rob the children of critical nutrients from their food.  As a result Mesesso believes that the children need access to anti parasite medicine twice a year to kill the parasites so the children can properly absorb the nutrients.

Medicine for the Kids

Medicine for the Kids

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New Shoes

Serkaddis, Mesesso Country Director (she is the one really in charge) arranged for all 75 of the children to have new shoes so they can attend school with pride and walk safely.  Each child will have two pairs of shoes over the course of the school year.  The logistics of getting the right sizes for 75 growing children can be challenging!

New Shoes for the Girls

New Shoes for the Girls

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Sponsored Girls at Soresso



These are some of our sponsored girls from the village of Debreberhan.  This is where I first met Honey.


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Mesesso Foundation Blog

Mesesso now has a blog!!!! In the next few days I will be adding more news and updates on what Mesesso is doing for 2009.

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